Skincare and beauty products are one of the most competitive industries out there. Nearly everyone, no matter their age or gender, is cautious and conscious of what they put on their face and body to look their best. While some may jump right to the most affordable option, these inexpensive beauty products can be ineffective and even sometimes harmful. Similarly, the most expensive brands can be unnecessarily overpriced and produce the same results as a bargain brand. How can you be sure you’re getting a good deal and choosing the healthiest option for you? CBD skincare products from SingleSeed are premium skin and beauty products with a modernized twist. Read on to discover the different or begin browsing here.

Health and Beauty with CBD  

While CBD has typically been considered either a recreational drug or a medicinal product, the recent legality of industrialized hemp across the country and CBD in many states have expanded the possibilities of this miracle product. Health and beauty with CBD ushers in a new era of beauty products and skincare solutions.

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. It can be extracted into an oil form and from there made into hundreds of products including foods, beverages, vaporizer products, topical salves and rubs, supplements and even skincare and beauty products. There is almost no end to what kinds of things CBD can be made into.

Medicinal CBD has recently become popularized mostly because it is as effective as THC-containing marijuana at naturally managing a number of ailments and symptoms but does not contain the psychoactive components that THC-containing strains do.

This means that a user can get relief from chronic pain, migraines, epileptic seizures, crippling anxiety, Post-traumatic stress disorder and much more all without ever having to deal with feeling high, out-of-control or paranoid.

While CBD mostly manages pain, anxiety, movement disorders, cognition, and sleep patterns, there are also surface-level effects of this miracle product in the form of CBD skincare products.

CBD for skin

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which can be great for those with swollen or itchy skin on the face or body. Gently apply CBD for skin via a topical cream on your face and body to achieve over-all relief from swollen and inflamed skin and calm reactions from sun or allergies.

CBD skincare products are also great for below-the-surface activity such as sore muscles or tight, aching joints. Topical ointments sink deep into the skin to combat pain and inflammation while making the top layers look beautiful and healthy.

TorusMed Extra Strength Topical Cream is a favorite among SingleSeed customers. Its concentrated formula means you get beautifying effects along with deep-tissue pain relief; a win-win. Pain dissipates in only moments and relief lasts 5 to 12 hours, if not longer. Some users with chronic, life-long pain from an injury or condition since birth even note that their overall pain diminishes with continued applications of TorusMed Topical Cream. The formula is non-greasy and has no odor so you can apply it anywhere, on any part of the body.

TorusMed products are great for all-over pain relief as well as moisturizing effects but what about isolated, smaller application needs?

A take-with-you salve is great in these instances. Hemp CBD Topical Salves are small and discrete, for on-the-go application to areas of the body such as chapped lips, small abrasions or burns and even on the temples for fast-acting anxiety relief. Topical salves are infused with essential oils for even further skincare benefits. Throw one in your purse, in your desk at work, or in your gym bag; anywhere you might need a fast-acting, moisturizing salve with the added benefits of relaxing and rejuvenating CBD.

Take skincare seriously with essential oil serums that take your morning and nightly skincare routine up a notch. RelaxCBD serum with CBD and RenewCBD serum with CBD lets you achieve healthy, radiant, wrinkle-free skin. Concentrated and rich essential oils – including cebidiol –quickly absorb into the skin for a non-greasy feel. Protection from oxidative stress is guaranteed with both Renew and Relax varieties.

It has never been easier to achieve beautiful, healthy, protected skin – at a price anyone can afford – than with the help of CBD. CBD penetrates the upper layers to make sure you look great while getting deeper into the lower layers so that you ooze health from within.

Unique CBD Products You May Have Missed

Also in the category of skincare, health and beauty products are some amazing, unique CBD options which probably aren’t on your radar.

The most enticing of these is CBD Pleasure Oil made for you personally by SingleSeed. Pleasure oil is a personal lubricant that can be used in many ways in the bedroom. Whether for yourself and your partner or for use along, CBD pleasure oil helps you naturally and effectively achieve maximum pleasure and moisture when and where you need it most.

Another interesting skin and beauty find are NanoMist products. NanoMist Calm (in Grape) and NanoMist Renew (in Melon) are not technically skincare products but are one of our favorite additions to our beauty routines. Delicious tasting mists are sprayed directly into the back of the mouth and induce calm or renewal of energy, depending on the variety you choose! Best before bed or right as you wake up as another step to your oral care routine, these mists deliver a fast and effective CBD dose for daily use.

Skincare and Health Made Easier 

The easiest way to feel and look great is with CBD that makes your skin and beauty routine even easier and more effective. Essential oils and cannabis oil heals damaged, swollen skin cells and makes others look radiant and healthy. Deep-reaching CBD penetrates to reduce inflammation in muscles and eliminate pain all-over.

No matter what your goal is, SingleSeed has premium face and body CBD skincare products that are made to help you feel and look your best. Try personal lubricant for intense pleasure or topical creams for glowing skin. Try them all to feel and look your healthiest, inside and out!

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