Not everyone is apropos to accept CBD into their society.  Case in point, the ongoing battle one Irish family has had with their epileptic son and CBD.  Billy Caldwell became famous when his mother, out of options, tried something risky.  Deciding to leave their home country of Ireland and traveling to North America, the mother was recommended CBD for his seizures.  As science supports, the CBD all but cured his epilepsy.  Billy went from a life of up to 100 daily seizures, to 250 days seizure free with CBD.  Mother Charolette Caldwell became a spokeswoman for the herbal remedy.  However, she was forced to do so far from their home land and family.

Due to the public nature of young Billy’s battle the mother remains extremely outspoken on her son’s needs.  Even announcing she would be declaring the drug at customs.  However, UK authorities are not wavering, despite her progressive, pleading standpoint.  Upon arrival at London Heathrow airport, the CBD medicine for young Billy was confiscated as illegal contraband.  The immediate uproar from the public remains to have no effect on the UK Minister of Policing.  Billy’s mother begged Minister Hurd to release the medicine to no avail.  Cannabis CBD is illegal in the UK.  This is ironic, considering the premier drug developer for CBD products operates in the United Kingdom.

Billy Caldwell
The Caldwell family are such adamant supporters of CBD, they are licensing the son’s image and name to a brand of CBD oil.

What comes next? Billy Caldwell’s CBD story continues…

So what comes next for the Caldwell family?  His community waits with both hope and fear.  However, in just a few short days without his medicine, doctors treating Billy now state his condition growing to “life threatening.”

CBD drug for epilepsy, Epidiolex, is still in Phase 3 testing and is not available for prescription at this time.  Presently, due to the stopping of treatment, Billy is too ill return to Canada, where he can receive his CBD free of persecution.  The outcome, as has the family’s testimonies thus far, will surely impact the global CBD movement.


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