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Are you having trouble relaxing at the end of the day? Do you wake up uneasy or anxious? Do you have sore muscles and tension headaches? Taking CBD to relax is a natural, fast-acting solution to all-of-the-above and more. While medical cannabis used to be exclusively for the severely ill, such as those battling cancer or epilepsy, it is no longer reserved for very sick individuals. Today, medical marijuana and CBD products can successfully treat many conditions, of varying severities.

New to CBD? Learn exactly how it works and the best ways to treat your own symptoms

How it works: CBD in the body

CBD or cannabidiol is a component found in hemp or cannabis, similar in structure to THC it has a few significant differences. CBD and THC are both produced naturally and both have positive benefits in the bodies of human and other animals. Unlike THC, however, CBD does NOT carry the psychoactive component, meaning it does not induce the typical “high” feeling associated with ingesting marijuana.

CBD can be ingested in a variety of ways including:

  • In an edible product, most commonly as baked goods or candies but can also be in butters, oils or supplements
  • In a tincture, which can be added to beverages or foods or taken in its purest form directly on the tongue
  • In vaporizer products, to be inhaled via cartridges filled with a liquid containing CBD
  • In topical creams, oils, rubs, salves…any other form of topical ointment that can be absorbed through the skin
  • In marijuana’s original form, a flower that can be smoked – look for a strain containing high percentages of CBD and little to no THC

An important aspect of CBD is that CBD actually interacts with the body in the most natural way, interacting with an existing system we all have known as the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is the catalyst behind much of the positive effects of CBD.

Receptors in the body known as CB1 and CB2 receptors are responsible for sending signals to the brain to regulate the immune, muscular and cardiovascular systems and ensure functions such as pain perception, stress, motor activity and more are working properly. In this way, CBD helps those receptors properly function, regulating everything from anxiety and stress to normal sleeping patterns.

In other words, CBD enters the body and seamlessly interacts with the endocannabinoid system to help you feel relaxed, calm and content.

Many people that feel anxious or paranoid after ingesting THC-heavy strains of marijuana find that CBD works to actually reduce that paranoid and uneasy feeling. The CBD actually counteracts the psychoactive component, which is why it is particularly effective at helping with relaxation.

When battling anxiety and trying to relax, look for a CBD-heavy strain or products that only contain CBD and do not have THC in them!

How to relax with CBD

There are a lot of ways that you can choose to relax. Some prefer meditation or exercise while others just enjoy a quiet nap. However you choose to relax, learning how to relax with CBD can be an important addition to your relaxation routine. Here are some ways you can incorporate CBD for yourself.[email protected]/32262769497
  • Add CBD bath products to your baths, such as bath bombs and oils: Take your bath up a notch with products that contain low levels of CBD which absorb directly into your skin and take you to another level of calming relaxation.
  • Take a deep breath and activate your pressure points with a calming essential oil serum. Relax CBD Calming Oil is our favorite due to its rollerball delivery system; roll the ball gently over your pulse points on your wrist, neck, and temples for instant relaxation.
  • Ingest CBD before a nap: Eat food, drop a few drops of a tincture on your tongue or ingest vaporized CBD to sleep more soundly. Another choice? Ingest a NanoMist product before your nap to drift into sleep faster and stay asleep more soundly. Available in two varieties and flavors, try both: Grape Calm NanoMist or Melon Discomfort NanoMist.
  • Try a massage: CBD infused massage oil lets you rub your tension and anxiety away. Our favorite? NanoChoose CBD Massage Oil has a concentrated 500 milligrams of CBD in each bottle. Great for professional use or personal use, this silky coconut and sweet almond oil blend will leave you feeling smooth and calm for hours.
  • Relieve your tension in the bedroom…alone or with a partner: Sometimes, the best solution to anxiety is in the bedroom. CBD infused lubricant can help get you there and carry over those calming feelings long after you leave the bedroom. SingleSeed Pleasure Oil is a full spectrum lubricant that contains high-quality, industrial hemp oil.
  • Give sore muscles the targeted attention they need to unlock total body relaxation: Sometimes the secret to relaxation is relieving tension and soreness in your tightest muscles. CBD helps to reduce inflammation and pain throughout the body so salves or muscle rubs that target your sorest muscles are particularly effective. We love the convenience of Nano Cannasporin Twist-Up Solid Muscle Salve Stick (the solid formula means no mess and its easy to take with you) and the intensity of TorusMed Extra Strength Topical Cream (no smell or greasy residue means you can apply it and go, no waiting).
  • Take care of your body: When you neglect your body in any way, you can find yourself slipping into anxiety or depression. Our skin is one of the most neglected areas of the body, especially during cold winter months or long days working over the computer. Stay on top of your healthcare routine and add a bit of subtle CBD to it for constant relaxation. NanoChoose 500 milligram Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Lotion is perfect for hands or body, with just the right amount of CBD to feel great all day.

Here are just some of the ways and some of our favorite products to help you feel relaxed anywhere, any time of the day. Relaxation is different for everyone – there’s no one perfect solution to feeling calm. However, when you take CBD to relax, in addition to whatever your normal unwinding routine is, you will always feel the benefits. Who wouldn’t want to feel better, naturally and affordably?


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