Everyday is a new day in the progressive and ever changing landscape of CBD.  Almost every part of the country has headline making CBD news this month.  Here are a few of the prominent headlines:

cbd news
Owner’s of Black Hammer Brewery must cease production of their CBD beer until proper licenses are in place.

California CBD News – Brewery ordered to stop brewing CBD infused beer

(San Francisco Chronicle) – Black Hammer Brewery out of San Francisco, CA must cease production of their CBD beers.  This comes as a direct order from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Bureau.  The companies CBD beers, first debuting on 4/20/2017 for the annual cannabis holiday are of the company’s most popular.  However, according to the ATTB, beers using non-standard ingredients, of which CBD falls, must receive special licensing.  The brewery is applying for said license presently.  While they are not allowed to brew any fresh batches, they are allowed to sell their remaining stock.

Colorado CBD News – 7-11 agrees to sell CBD products

(Globe News Wire) – CBD products will soon be available for purchase at 7-11 stores across the country.  According to a recent press release, CBD producer Phoenix Tears has a distribution agreement in place for up to 4,500 7-11 stores in the United States.  The agreement focuses on Colorado, California, Nevada, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Washington, and Washington D.C..  The product placement comes as a result of a partnership with MarketHub Retail Services, a prominent partner with the 7-11 retail franchise.  The goal is to have the stores stocked by the end of 2018.

(MSN) – In other Colorado CBD News, researchers are now investigating the effects of CBD in dogs.  Many pet owners are already turning to CBD to treat a variety of illnesses for their pups.  This new study seeks to legitimize the claims the public is already making.

Michigan CBD News – Regulators say CBD products must follow MMJ guidelines

(NBC News – Grand Rapids, MI) – In a move that has many upset, regulators in the state of Michigan are requiring CBD products to operate like medical cannabis.  Despite the fact that the majority of CBD products are from industrial hemp, which is also legal in Michigan, regulators see differently.  Now, those wishing to procure CBD products locally will have to do so through state licensed medical marijuana outlets.  This has many upset, as they see it an unfair equivocal to CBD’s psychoactive counterpart, THC.  The issue is expected to be challenged by patients and sellers and may become irrelevant should recreational cannabis pass in November in Michigan.

cbd news
One of the three official CBD retailers in Texas.

Texas CBD News – Regulators cracking down on non-licensed CBD products

(Texas Public Radio) – Texas is one of the 16 states with medical only CBD.  As a result, the state is cracking down on products that are listing CBD as an ingredient.  Currently, there are only three dispensaries where CBD is sanctioned for purchase under the Texas Compassionate Use Act.  As a result, products sold outside of this system containing CBD are subject to detention by state officials.  This crackdown is said to be a means of protecting consumers from falsely labeled products claiming CBD.  Considering the illnesses arising from fake CBD products, the enforcement actions are not necessarily unwarranted.

Utah CBD News – Fake CBD sparks wave of illnesses

(CBS News) – As many as 52 people are reporting illnesses related to fake CBD products, according to the Center for Disease Control.  Users became ill from ingesting Yolo brand CBD oil.  This oil, instead of containing genuine cannabidiol was instead laden with 4-CCB, a synthetic compound.  Last year, Utah passed a law allowing for CBD to be available for purchase to the general public in which regulatory standards will be in place.  However, like many states with medical or legalized cannabis products, the final details of the new bill are still being worked out.  Utah State Senator Evan Vickers states the new law includes a system of quality control.  Until then, the public will have to do their own policing of the safety of the CBD products they are consuming.

Wisconsin CBD News – DOJ says CBD producers safe from prosecution

(Wisconsin State Journal) – Repealing their former stance that hemp CBD products are still illegal, the Wisconsin state Department of Justice is will not prosecute CBD producers and distributors.  The Cheese State is one of the many states participating in hemp cultivation pilot programs since the 2014 legalization by President Obama.  Their original anti-CBD was changed after a meeting with farm lobbyists. The DOJ states public safety as a main concern.  Not unlike the many other states stepping up and taking action to enforce CBD products.

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