Arkansas July CBD News – CBD gummies for sale at gas stations

(CBS 11 Little Rock) – Across Arkansas, CBD infused products are now popping up at gas stations.  Despite public delight, some have concerns about the loose regulations surrounding CBD products.  Their fears are fake CBD products may be available, albeit inadvertently, alongside the real deal.  Skepticism has not had bearing, thus far, as the products have not been pulled from any locations yet.

California July CBD News – CBD company sues US Customs

(Hemp Industry Daily) – CBD product producer Innovative Neutraceuticals filed a lawsuit in a California district court against the USA and Attorney General Jeff Sessions for the unprecedented seizing of hemp and CBD products at customs.  Per the 2014 legislation, import and export of industrial hemp products are legal.  Legality requires they contain less than .3% THC, meaning no psychoactive high.  US Customs have been seizing products without consideration or financial reprieve to manufacturers without warning.  The lawsuit claims these seizures are illegal and the lawsuit is being filed as class action so other producers who have had products seized can join.

july cbd news
The new CBD shop in Dublin, Ireland.

Ireland July CBD News – Country’s first CBD store opens in Dublin

(JOE, Ireland) – Ireland gets its first dedicated CBD retail shop, located in Dublin city center.  This month the first of its kind in Ireland hopes to “allow clients to find the best CBD product fit for their needs.”  CBD Relieve, a UK CBD oil and CBD oil product manufacturer has shops across England.  However, this is the first to make its opening in Ireland.

Missouri July CBD News – Shut down shop reopens in new city

(Springfield News Leader) – After being shut down in Buffalo, MO – CBD Boutique owners decided to reopen their shop in Springfield, MO.  The owners insist they are in compliance with Federal and State guidelines and therefore deserve to remain operatoinal.  In 2014, the same year as the federal permissions for hemp growing were enacted, Missouri passed legislation allowing hemp CBD extracts.  Despite these measures, CBD retailers remain few and far between,

North Dakota July CBD News – Capital business asked to remove CBD oil

(NBC/Fox – ND) – North Dakota is one of only 3 states that does not allow CBD products.  This has not stopped shop owners from attempting to stock CBD products for their wanting customers.  However, law enforcement is actively policing the situation.  H&I Nutrition in Bismark, the capital city, recently received a visit from local police requesting they remove their CBD products from the shelves.  Shop owners’ complied without resistance.  Police took similar actions on two separate businesses last year as well.

United States CBD News – DEA still on track to reschedule CBD

(Business Insider/Biospace) – In light of the June 25 approval of Epdiolex, the first ever CBD drug approved for use by the FDA, the DEA is now in the process of addressing the current scheduling of CBD.  Currently, cannabis derivatives are Schedule 1 substances. Due to the FDA ruling, the DEA now has 90 days to review the scheduling, and subsequently change it.  Without the change, the drug will not be available for presciption.  “We don’t have a choice” says DEA spokeswoman Barbara Carreno “it absolutely has to become a Schedule II or Schedule III.”

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