It’s only been 4 years of federal permission to grow hemp within America’s bounds.  Since then, the market demand for hemp products seems to be growing at exponential rates.  No product is in such high demand as CBD, cannabidiol, present in the leaves and stalks of industrial hemp.  CBD is becoming increasingly famous for its therapeutic benefits sans high of THC.  For over 20 years, the focus lay on THC rich medical cannabis.  Ironically, due to the high demand for increasingly potent THC strains, CBD levels in female cannabis buds became relatively non-existent.  This drove later development of CBD rich strains of cannabis and the subsequent extraction of these specific strains.  However, these efforts could have been circumvented with research into the properties of the male, hemp plants.  When it comes to cannabis vs. hemp CBD, is it worth it to go through the extra effort for cannabis CBD?

Cannabis vs. Hemp CBD – What’s the difference?

So, is there a difference?  The short and the long of it, is no.  According to Franjo Grotehher of the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines:  “CBD is CBD.”  The source of the molecule is absolutely irrelevant.  Considering hemp is growing and legal and 46 out of 50 states, why would anyone bother with cannabis CBD?  Perhaps they desire to have some THC in the mix too.  That is a personal preference on the user’s part.  While it is always preferential to select full spectrum and terpene rich formulas to get the most out of the plants healing abilities, the source material does not matter.

cannabis vs. hemp cbd
Cannabis CBD risks having a THC content greater than .3%. For this reason it is subject to state medical and recreational cannabis regulations and tax structure. This is an unnecessary fiscal burden as the source of the CBD, either male or female, is irrelevant.

Cannabis vs. Hemp CBD – What to look for

Regardless of the desire or not to have THC in the mix; make sure you are getting botanical CBD.  Fake CBD products are seeping into the current market and creating sickness and social rebuke.  Check for testing results and an ingredients list.  Keep in mind the total CBD milligram content as well as what the mg/dose will be.  Depending on what you are seeking relief from, this will make a difference.  According to certain studies, the therapeutic dose of CBD is higher than many think: from 100-600mg.

Ultimately, it is inconsequential if CBD comes from male hemp or female cannabis plants.  Considering the stringent regulations and exorbitant taxes for medical and recreational cannabis, why not just go with the economical and e-commerce accessible hemp CBD option?



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