Hemp for Victory – WWII War Time Efforts by US Dept. of Agriculture

One of the greatest moments before the federalization of industrial hemp growing in 2014, was during WWII wartimes. With rope and rope supplies for the US navy dwindling, the U.S. Department of Agriculture began actively promoting growing hemp via the “Hemp for Victory” campaign. Despite its outlaw status alongside the female, THC rich cannabis plants.  Hemp once again, albeit temporarily, is legal to grow. Due to its proliferative nature, hemp crops mature extremely quickly. Thus allowing the sturdy fibers to quickly transform into the necessary goods for the soldiers abroad. Regrettably, after the war was over, the prohibitory status of hemp was reinstated.  This status would remain the status quo for another 70 years.  Now, industrial hemp is growing across the country, with 46 out of 50 states participating in some form of cultivation or research.

Hemp for Victory
A Hemp for Victory movie poster.

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