Health and fitness means more than just working out and eating well; everything from mental health to productive recovery days are equally important to well-rounded, daily health and fitness. We’ll let you in on a little secret – CBD is your secret weapon to complete, balanced health and fitness in your life. CBD is not your usual marijuana product. Experience the difference in your daily routine with the help of health and fitness with CBD.  Premium CBD products from SingleSeed will help you accomplish all your fitness goals.

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CBD in the body  

THC containing cannabis and CBD containing cannabis are similar in many ways; their chemical structure is even almost identical!

One difference that the two components possess is the difference in how they react with the brain and body. Both are naturally occurring elements that are present in the cannabis plant but THC, compared with CBD, has a psychoactive component. This means that the reaction within the brain and body causes a “high”, which is what many people associate with all forms of cannabis.

The difference is, unlike other marijuana products containing THC, CBD in the body has a very special and healthful effect. CBD, in contrast, has no psychoactive component that occurs after ingestion. Rather than creating a feeling of high, CBD actually counteracts a feeling of high and diminishes any high that a presence of THC in the plant causes.

This makes CBD ideal for people that want the medicinal benefits of marijuana but do not enjoy the psychoactive element.

Medicinal Benefits of CBD

There are numerous medicinal benefits of CBD cannabis products. Some of the most well-known of those include easing nausea and restoring appetite loss from the effects of cancer treatment and helping to manage the symptoms of severe forms of epilepsy.

Other, lesser-known but equally as notable CBD benefits include (but are not limited to, everyone loves CBD for different reasons):
  • Reducing inflammation: CBD helps to reduce inflammation in joints and muscles which helps inflamed areas to heal faster and with less pain, minimizing overall discomfort
  • Reduces pain: CBD interacts with pain receptors in the brain to lower the severity and frequency of pain felt throughout the entire body.
  • Reduces anxiety and tension: While many use cannabis to manage anxiety, others find that it actually has the opposite affect, causing paranoia and a feeling of unease. CBD counteracts that paranoid, anxious feeling and is preferable to most as a means of relaxation.
  • Reduces restless sleeping patterns: CBD is a great tool to help you fall asleep fast, stay asleep all night and sleep soundly throughout the night. If you are having trouble sleeping, CBD may help.
  • Reduces gastrointestinal upset: Take CBD to reduce a number gastrointestinal problems.
  • Reduces migraines and other hard-to-treat, chronic pain: Migraines are another thing commonly treated with cannabis. Because CBD can help manage that pain without a psychoactive component, CBD is a great choice for patients with frequent, hard-to-manage migraines. The same goes for hard-to-manage chronic pain anywhere in the body.

Because CBD helps to manage pain, trouble sleeping and many other medical conditions without prescription medications, it is one of the safest and most effective ways to feel healthy. You can even save money by switching to CBD rather than getting prescribed drugs!

Great, but how does this relate to health and fitness?

Health and fitness are very much tied to recovering from a workout or injury; your ability to bounce back fast is essential to staying active and maintaining your fitness routine and mental health.

This is where CBD comes into the picture. CBD products have the ability to reduce inflammation and pain associated with a fitness injury and /or recovery. Whether you have sprained an ankle running or are just suffering from tired, sore muscles, CBD can reduce muscle and joint inflammation and pain and get you feeling 100% again faster than ever.

Similarly, recovering from a workout while you sleep is just as important of working out in the first place. When you eliminate a goodnight’s sleep after a lengthy workout, you don’t let your muscles properly heal and your body get the rest that it needs. You can suffer from overworked, tense muscles and may even find yourself skipping activity to rest.

CBD before bed can help your brain turn off, stay off and get the rest that it deserves.

Because health and fitness are tied tightly to mental health as well, CBD can help to manage depression, anxiety and other mental health problems and make you feel your best. From crippling depression to slight anxiety, keeping your mental health in check is equally – if not even more – important than eating well and staying active.

SingleSeed Health and Fitness Products: A New Era

SingleSeed brings you a new era of health and fitness products that are not only good for helping you rest and recover but actually restore vital elements lost during physical activity or normal daily movement.

The following products are great for restoring balance and managing discomfort or recovery:

  • CBD Water: Ideal for post-workout hydration, CBD water infuses mineral water with high-quality CBD to get you on the road to recovery and relaxation faster than drinking normal water alone. Available in a number of pack sizes, these pH balanced cannabis drinks are anti-inflammatory and refreshing!
  • CBD products specially made for inflammation: From supplements to muscle rubs to massage oils, there are a number of SingleSeed premier products that target inflammation. Browse and try them all.
  • CBD for sore muscles: When you muscles are screaming, what you want the most is a targeted, deep tissue-reaching product. Try all of the SingleSeed concentrated CBD sore muscle products to truly feel the difference the next day.

If you’re looking to improve how you feel every single day, both physically and mentally, SingleSeed CBD Health and Fitness Products are perfect for you. Relax your mind and your muscles, sleep better every night and be ready to take on another day, every day.

Try all of SingleSeed’s health and fitness with CBD products for relaxation, skincare and more! Available today.

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