CBD is going mainstream, with 46 out of 50 states and the World Health Organization all on board.  With such widespread adoption by state legislatures and approval from such prominent global organizations, it’s no wonder the applications are becoming increasingly creative.  Some of the newest, with gaining popularity, are CBD beauty and CBD spa treatments.  Instead of regular massage oil or lotions, individuals can opt for the CBD infused versions.  Always with an up-charge.  The premium price tag aims to cover the cost of the CBD products, which generally are more pricey.  The availability of such treatments vary by region.

cbd facial
The increasingly popular CBD facial is being touted as an anti-inflammatory miracle maker for skin.

CBD Spa Treatments – Cannabis Facial

Next time you are in New York City and feel like some cannabis style pampering, try giving the Harlem Skin & Laser Clinic a call. Their Cannabis Facial has beauty editors raving.  CBD is a sensible accompaniment to facial treatments.  CBD’s anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties help calm skin and reduce redness.  This facial begins with a green tea cleanser, followed by shungite water mist.  Next comes the CBD oil lymphatic massage, focusing on the lymphs nodes in the neck, underarms and feet.  Next comes a manuka honey and crushed pearl face mask.  Everything wraps up with CBD oil serum and more shungite water. CBD binds directly with the TRPV1 receptors, which are abundant in the skin cells.  Through this receptors agitation comes CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. While a spa treatment may seem like a novel application, the science supports the idea that CBD for skin as a no-brainer.

cbd massage
CBD Salve, like the type used in the CBD Massage at A Valley of Vitality is known for being a potent pain reliever.

CBD Spa Treatments – CBD Massage

Even more sensical is the use of CBD during therapeutic massage.  Especially if someone is getting a massage because they are in serious pain.  Researchers have been looking into CBD as an effective analgesic for years.  CBD massages seek to not only relax the mind and muscles, but to deliver effective pain relief as well.  In the southwest, at the A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio in Prescott, Arizona a fully infused CBD massage is available.  The traditional massage swaps in CBD rich salve instead of the regular massage oil.  This “coaxes” muscles and ligaments into a deeper state of relaxation, allowing the massage therapists to better manipulate the tissues.  After the massage, the analgesic effects can be expected to linger for up to 4 hours.

cbd pedicure
At Bellacures, fingers and toes get a special soak in a CBD bath bomb.

CBD Spa Treatments – Canna-Cure Manicure/Pedicure

What pair of tired feet wouldn’t love a soak in a warm tub fizzing with CBD infused bath bombs.  All over Southern California, popular nail salon Bellacures are offering the Canna-Cure Manicure-Pedicure.  Hands and feet soak in the fizzy CBD solution, then get a lavender-CBD sugar scrub.  After which, a CBD rich lotion is massaged into tired arms and legs, which patrons are claiming leaves their muscles feeling “tingly” and “strong.”  While the main promotion of the CBD pedicure is the pain relief, CBD’s natural anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and antibacterial properties should also be noted.  Not only is the body getting pampered it’s also getting a natural sterilization in the process.

Every body deserves a little love and pampering every now and again.  Due to the widespread availability of CBD across the country, we can look forward to more menu offerings at spas and salons incorporating the CBD products.  So next time the body aches for some TLC, try adding some CBD.


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