CBD or cannabidiol is a component found in hemp products. The most recent developments in CBD are research into the effectiveness of CBD to help treat a variety of medical conditions. An even more recent development is the understanding that CBD is not only safe and effective for humans but also for animals too! Here are the ten most important things you need to know about CBD oil for dogs.


1. Dogs and CBD: The psychoactive component

There is no psychoactive component to CBD. While derived from the cannabis plant, CBD is an isolated product of the plant that does not have a psychoactive component, as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol does.

This means you – or your furry friend – can enjoy the health benefits of CBD without being inflicted with the “high” that is typically associated with cannabis ingestion.

One of the main concerns with treating an animal with cannabis is the obvious welfare concerns with giving an animal a drug that has psychoactive components. Luckily, CBD eliminates those concerns.

2. CBD for dogs with anxiety.


Just like humans, dogs can suffer from anxiety in a number of ways. Whether brought on by large crowds, during air or vehicle travel, in times of separation or adjustment or by loud noises and commotion, many dogs feel anxiety just like we do.

CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety in humans by calming overactive, overstimulated signals within the brain. In the same way, it calms dogs and helps them to feel more at ease in whatever situation presents.

Giving your dog CBD before a long trip, during Fourth of July fireworks or before a long day out in public can produce a subtle but recognizable calming effect that is safe than prescription anti-anxiety medication for animals.

3. CBD to treat pain in dogs

There are many reasons that dogs feel pain and CBD helps to reduce that pain in many ways, just as it does in humans.

CBD has been successful in reducing inflammation (which exasperates pain), joint pain, nerve pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, migraines and other headaches as well as oxidative stress.

In dogs, there are a few reasons that they may be experiencing pain and discomfort including:

  • Following surgery or recovering from a minor injury
  • As a result of breeding practices (many breeds of dog struggle with hip and joint problems)
  • Pain associated with aging

CBD can help to mitigate these feelings on pain and get your dog feeling their best once again.

4. CBD for dogs with no appetite

Whether as a result of a medication or perhaps a disruption in normal routine or environment, a dog’s appetite can diminish. This fluctuation is normal but it can be useful to sneak in some CBD to help ease them back into their usual, healthy eating patterns.

CBD has been successful in humans – particularly those suffering from a loss of appetite due to cancer medication –  in getting them back to a regular, healthy dining routine. It is similar for dogs as well.

5. CBD for nausea

While often thought of as an issue that only presents in humans, animals can certainly feel nausea as well. The best way to tell if your pet is feeling nauseous is if they are vomiting, aren’t eating regularly or seem to have less energy. Perhaps they are even disturbed by motion and light.

If this is the case, maybe due to a long car ride, something upsetting they ate or a side effect of a medication, CBD can help reduce that nausea.

Nausea is particularly difficult to assess in animals who aren’t physically vomiting. If you suspect your pet may be nauseous, don’t turn to a potentially unnecessary drug but rather a natural solution that won’t cause harm even if you were incorrect in your assessment.

6. CBD to promote cardiovascular health 

Esteemed veterinarian Dr. Bassingthwaighte, “the healing vet” has done extensive research with animals and cardiovascular health improvement following CBD administration. Some dog breeds are more susceptible than others to cardiovascular issues. If your dog is one of those poor sufferers, there are natural solutions that can show dramatic improvement.

CBD helps to:

7. Is CBD legal for pets?

So this all sounds great but you’re wondering; is it legal to give my pet CBD? Because CBD does not contain that psychoactive component – and partly due to the passing of the 2019 Farm Bill – CBD is legal for both humans and pets. A few states have yet to pass legislation making medicinal and/or recreational marijuana legal but as more and more research emerges and the demand grows, it is only a matter of time! Today, because hemp oil contains little-to-no traces of THC and does not produce a “high”, it is legal for humans and animals.

Because CBD is legal and due to all of the above amazing health benefits, there’s no reason you shouldn’t give it a try for your pet and experiment with the effect it has on them.


Choose the best CBD product for your dog

No one wants to see their dog or pet suffer; they are just like our children and we owe them everything to help them feel their best all the time. Yet, it can be difficult to point a finger to the solution when we’re not totally sure what the issue is!

CBD is the natural, safe, legal and effective way to cover a range of problems your dog is experiencing and get them back to their usual self in no time. From pain to anxiety, CBD is there for your dog.

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Don’t worry about applying a topical solution, oil tincture or other, more difficult to administer, CBD product. CBD oil for dogs is as easy as switching out their treats to delicious Phyto-Bites Soft Chews. Try it for your pup and see the difference almost instantly!

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