We see the headlines, we hear from our buddies, we see the blog posts.   Yet, how can we know for sure if CBD oil for anxiety isn’t just hearsay?  Luckily, research as far back as 1982 set out to study the possible anxiety mediating effects cannabidiol (CBD) can possibly provide.  After combing  databases and examining clinical trials, the conclusive evidence is thrilling.  For the over 40 Million American adults suffering from anxiety, many can now explore CBD as alternative treatments.  Hopefully, some will finally find relief.



CBD oil for anxiety
.CBD Oil for Anxiety: Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) Successes vs. Placebo

2011 study in Brazil began with 2319 undergraduates and whittled down to 36 participants – 12 Healthy and 24 suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder.  The double blind clinical trial put S.A.D. sufferers in their confessed worst case scenario: Public Speaking.  The contrast between the placebo group and the unwitting CBD oil ingesting group is startling.  CBD ingesting participants’ discomfort levels and cognitive function are almost exactly that of the healthy participants.  Moreover, their overall anxiety levels were significantly lower than that of the placebo control group.


cbd oil for anxiety
The participants who consumed CBD experienced much less anxiety during the public speaking. (Bergamaschi et al. 2011).

CBD Oil for Anxiety – Phobias & PTSD

Everyone has a fear response system and, ideally, everyone learns from their mistakes.  Negative consequences and the wish to avoid them again in the future is human nature.  However, for some people traumatic experiences change them.  Perceiving non-existent environmental threats or constant invasive memories of our pains can be debilitating.  Tragically, anywhere from 5 million to 24 million Americans are dealing with some form of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrom (PTSD).  No longer classified as a type of anxiety, PTSD has its own classification in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition.  Conversely, anxiety is a core symptom of PTSD.

cbd oil for anxiety
CBD administered rats, regardless of the dosage, showed noticeably less freezing when exposed to their conditioned fear stimuli. (Regimantas Jurkus, et al. 2016)

Recently, in 2016, researchers at the University of Nottingham, UK came together to study how CBD potentially assists in counteracting the learned fear process.  They discovered CBD disrupts the ongoing cycle of traumatic memory retrieval, the maintenance of which is crucial in fear potentiation and PTSD.  Notably, rats treated with high doses of CBD showed less fear response in the presence of their fear stimuli, particularly freezing in place.

CBD Oil for Anxiety – Not Pharmacologically Crazy

In both cases, human and animal subjects alike showed CBD treatments supplemented their ability to handle fearful situations.  Furthermore, both of these studies attribute much of the success CBD has as an anxiolytic is through its 5HT1a activation.  Surprisingly, common anxiety medication Busiprone acts in the same manner as CBD at the 5HT1a receptor.  To CBD’s compliment though, cannabidiol  lacks as many side effects of many traditional anti-anxiety medications.  To many’s delight, this includes lacking a psychoactive high like THC despite the fact that they both derive from the same plant.  For those suffering from any type of anxiety, it may be worth discussing with the doctor about adding CBD supplements to the care regime.


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