CBD products are increasing in popularity every day.  For many, it’s as easy as walking to the corner store to pick up a tasty, therapeutic treat.  However, others might not have the same urban accessibility.  Thankfully, CBD products are hemp based.  Since the active compounds in CBD products are parts of the psychoactively inert male plants, e-commerce is nationally legal.  Furthermore, digital transactions can take place freely due to hemp’s federal guidelines. From this, products can be shipped nationwide readily.  So consumer favorites, like the ineffable CBD Gummies, can now be delivered right to your doorstep.

Gummies are classic, whimsical confections

Exactly what are they?

Gummies are traditional dessert confections dating back to 1801.  Basically, they are a simple mix of a sugar, a stabilizer (gelatin or pectin), water and whatever else the confectioner wants to put in.  The latter is where the fun takes place.  Add food coloring, delectable flavors, and CBD extracts then send the gels to set up in a cooler.  There is no limit to possible infusions. However, recent technological advancements in the field of cannabis extracting are powering new super gummy-infusions.

An extractor carefully works.

Nanotechnology breaks down the particles for easier absorption.  CBRXtreme Chew-It’s now employ Heneplex nanotechnology all while infusing digestive track balancing pre and probiotics for a whole body regulating supplement.  Vitadots also use nanotechnology in their delicious chews. These gummy chews give a burst of vitamins with to maintain daily health and wellness.  Even though the FDA has yet to issue guidelines on CBD, the lab results on CBD compounds are compelling if not downright breathtaking.

Hemp vs Marijuana

Do they get you “high?”

Not in the slightest.  CBDs are truly miracle molecules.  Good luck to users trying to find any type of cognitive disturbance from ingesting an amount of CBD gummies, or any CBD product to that end.  Compare this to any warning label of a package of cough syrup, allergy medication, or OTC painkillers. Not to mention, any and all THC laden products.

Vitadots with Heneplex are available to be shipped to your doorstep now.

Cannabidiol interacts uniquely with specific receptors in the brain within the endocannabinoid system.  Our body endogenously creates cannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system is in place to make good use of them.  The cannabinoids help regulate our central nervous system, brain function among other things.  Through release of the FAAH enzyme, CBD remains relatively uninteractive human brain’s CB1 receptor. This is the receptor responsible for inducing psychotropic effects. Conversely, THC, is heavy interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptor. Therapeutically, research shows CBD agitating the Vanilloid TrpV-1 receptor as well as the 5HT1-A receptor providing broad spectrum relief.

Chew-It with Pre and Probiotics available online at SingleSeed.

Where can I get them!

From inflammation to chronic pain, anxiety to epilepsy almost everyone has something that can be treated by CBDs.  Which leads many to ask: Where can we get these little wonders.  Answer: Pretty much everywhere now.  46 out of 50 states plus DC allow for the sale and distribution of CBD and hemp based products.   Impressive varieties are available at SingleSeed and products can ship anywhere.  People are now doing their grocery shopping online, adding CBD supplements to the online shopping list is just as easy. So why not celebrate this years National Gumdrop Day with some Prebiotic & Probiotic infused CBD gummies?

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