The latest fitness craze you shouldn’t miss out on may not be what you expect… Even if you’re not a user yourself, chances are you’re familiar with cannabis. Whether for relaxation, for medical use or just to have fun, the cannabis craze has become increasingly prevalent throughout the United States and beyond. What you may not have heard of or even considered was the possibility of cannabis in your fitness routine. CBD for workout is about to change that.

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The Stigma:

If you are already a cannabis user, chances are you’ve been lumped into the category and undeserving nickname of “stoner”. A “stoner” carries a negative connotation, with many considered to be lazy, dirty and unmotivated.

Many non-users believe that all marijuana users lack drive and relate to a relaxed, unproductive lifestyle. While this can be true, it is a blanket statement that does not accurately reflect many modern marijuana users.


                                    CBD and working out – The modern athlete 

Today, cannabis users are lawyers, teachers…even athletes! These users aren’t letting their cannabis use negatively impact their life, rather it is impacting them positively by helping them manage pain, anxiety or any number of other conditions. CBD, in particular, has amazing impacts on the lives of users, including when using CBD and working out.

How can that be? Doesn’t cannabis make you drowsy or “high” and unwilling to be active?

On the contrary, CBD has little to no psychoactive effects on the brain. This means that CBD does not actually induce a “high” at all.

So what DOES it do?

CBD works in the body in a number of beneficial ways, particularly to athletes or active persons.

One such way is by reducing blood pressure. Intense workouts cause blood pressure to rise which is not only dangerous but can reduce your ability to continue performing. A study from 2017 highlighted the cardiovascular benefits of CBD in the body. This means that CBD actually has the ability to reduce heart rate and blood pressure without interfering with blood flow to important regions of the heart and brain, during and post-gym sessions.

This allows athletes to actually outperform themselves, letting them go longer and harder during their workout before being defeated by extended aerobic activity than they could without the presence of CBD.


Another important way that CBD helps the body perform its best is POST-workout. Once the body has endured repeated exercise and weight-bearing activity, it is bound to feel exhaustion; this manifests in sore muscles.

A great way to stay on top of that soreness and recover quickly is with CBD. CBD acts to reduce inflammation and pain in joints and muscles in the body, which are exactly the effects you will feel following an intense workout. By taking CBD supplements following a workout, drinking CBD infused beverages during a workout or using salves and rubs specifically designed for muscles following a workout, you can bounce back quicker than ever.


Don’t miss a day in the gym because your muscles are aching. Stay on top of the pain with CBD products.


                                    The best CBD workout products  

The best CBD workout products are all found in the same place: at Singleseed’s online market place exclusively for healthy, active individuals. No matter how active you are or what kind of activity you prefer, Singleseed has products that will fit into your workout routine seamlessly.


For the protein shake junkie:

Forget expensive and chalky tasting protein shakes that don’t work for pre or post-workout; try infusing Singleseed Hemp Powder into your smoothies, juices or protein supplement shakes to get real results.

Singleseed Hemp Powder is made with the best, most natural ingredients and contains a full 20mg of CBD per serving. Just that little boost will help relieve sore muscle aches and keep you fuller longer to stay on track with your fitness goals.


For the low-energy, “I can’t do it today” victim:

Whether you save your workouts for after a long day or struggle to wake up to get to the gym in the morning, a CBD Energy Shot is calling your name. Get that added boost of energy without all of the harsh chemicals or additives – Singleseed Energy Shots are made up of natural products like that are in vegetables, fruits and even naturally occurring in the body.

The addition of CBD in the energy shot keeps you from getting that shakey, over-stimulated feeling you get from other energy drinks and coffee while also helping your muscles bounce back quickly, post-workout.


For the true gym rat, the 4-hour-workout athlete: 

For the days you’re really feeling the burn following your workout, try Cannasporin® 100mg Nano CBD muscle salve. This muscle salve isn’t like the other sore muscle salves you’re used to.

Infused with natural menthol to “freeze” tight or burning muscles, this salve is free of typical, harsh pharmaceutical topical ingredients. The full list of ingredients is made up of pronounceable, common household products – nothing foreign or unhealthy here.

One of the best things about CBD versus another cannabis product is the ability to specifically target pain and apply a product that will quickly and efficiently soak into the skin and penetrate the pain. That’s where this salve works well to get to the root of the pain quickly and start acting FAST.


For everyday, active lifestyles:

One of the most unique and effective products on the market today, the LALPINA CBD infused water is guaranteed to change the way you hydrate. This technologically advanced and totally unique water turns CBD molecules into a water-soluble product, maximizing its bioavailability and delivering to the body’s cells and tissues effectively.

This product is ideal for active people who want to increase the success of processes within the body and stay hydrated throughout any amount of exercise.

                                                CBD – The best workout partner

Who needs a workout buddy or expensive classes when you have CBD to keep you going day-after-day?

CBD helps regulate the cardiovascular system and eliminates muscle and joint pain everywhere in the body. There is no better way to stay active and healthy than with CBD for workout. Add any number of the above-mentioned products to your lifestyle to start experiencing the difference in your own life.


Not interested in any of the above? Try any of Singleseed’s amazing products today!

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