Relief without a prescription – CBD for relaxation is the newest medical craze taking over the prescription drug world. Anxiety is the most common mental illness affecting Americans, with over 40 million adults affected each year. While a large number of the population suffers through that anxiety without treatment, others are prescribed costly, potentially addictive anxiety medications to control those anxious feelings. There is a third, more natural, more affordable and decidedly just as effective solution. If you haven’t heard of it, keep reading to discover the miracle that is CBD.

CBD for anxiety        

CBD or cannabidoil is more commonly recognized as a hemp or cannabis product. The hemp plant produces CBD naturally. Typically produced as an oil, CBD can be used in a variety of ways including:

  • In edible products such as baked goods and supplements
  • In it’s pure oil form, which can be mixed into beverages or taken orally as is
  • In salves, rubs and oils to be used topically
  • In vaporizer products, to be inhaled
  • Or even in bathing products which can be absorbed into the body through the skin

CBD is not the same as all other marijuana products in that it does NOT induce a psychoactive component. This means you do not get high from CBD products. In fact, many people that feel anxious or paranoid after ingesting typical marijuana find that CBD works to reduce that paranoid and uneasy feeling. The CBD actually counteracts the psychoactive component.

How can two of the same product have vastly different effects within the body?

The presence of CBD vs THC in the strain of cannabis is what differentiates the two products. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the component found in cannabis products which create a feeling of a psychoactive “high” while CBD does not. This is why CBD containing products have a profound effect on anxiety in the body and THC containing products, for many people, can actually induce or increase feelings of anxiety.

When battling anxiety and trying to relax, look for a CBD-heavy strain or products that only contain CBD and do not have THC in them!

An important part of CBD is that CBD actually interacts naturally within the body in an existing system known as the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is actually the catalyst behind many of the positive benefits of CBD. It helps to maintain and regulate everything from your mood and appetite to feelings of pain and anxiety.

Certain receptors are known as CB1 and CB2 receptors and are responsible for sending signals to the brain to ensure the immune, muscular and cardiovascular systems are all working properly and that functions such as pain perception, stress, motor activity and more are engaging.

This is the reasons that CBD naturally and effectively interacts inside the body to help regulate stress, anxiety and your moods.

CBD enters the body and seamlessly interacts with the endocannabinoid system to help you feel relaxed, calm and content.

 CBD products for relaxation

There are many reasons that one can feel anxious, unhappy or not tense; relaxation is not always easy to achieve. Stresses at work or in your personal life can be a big factor in your relaxation. Traveling, moving, an unexpected change or traumatic event and even a lack of sleep or exercise can influence your ability to relax. These CBD products for relaxation are sure to help maintain your feelings of relaxation.

Singleseed delivers premium products straight to you. With a broad selection for every ailment, price range and even species (try Phyto-Bite Soft Chew treats for your anxious dogs too), you’ll always find something to love.

Here are some of our favorite luxury, relaxation CBD products:



Nano CBD Massage Oil

This 4oz product delivers fast, effective results. With a concentrated 500mg of CBD in each bottle, every pump gives you long lasting relaxation. Why relax with a regular massage when you could relax with a CBD infused massage? It is double the relaxation in every rub. With natural ingredients such as coconut and almond oil, you know you’re getting the most natural solution to anxiety.

Try: A massage before bed, for the ultimate night’s sleep that will last all night long.



Nano Cannasporin Muscle Salve

 If you’re looking for convenience and targeted relaxation to your muscles, this is the product for you. This convenient twist-up salve lets you apply exactly where you need on your body and anywhere you need on-the-go. The greaseless formula and solid solution means you won’t need to worry about feeling greasy or getting product all over yourself. The alcohol free product contains herbs that, in combination with the CBD, reduce inflammation, fight pain and increase circulation where you need it most.

Try: Keeping it in your car, bag or at work for post-workout or midday tension relief.


Nano Mist – Calm


NanoMist is one of the most direct and fast-acting ways to deliver relaxation relief. The oral product is an easy-to-administer mist that goes right into the mouth – and that’s it! This Calm blend combines CBD and East Asian adaptogenic herbs that have been shown to be relaxing and naturally balance the body’s systems and other components in the body. Use this spray anytime and anywhere for quick and delicious grape relaxation benefits.

Try: In the morning with your daily supplements or medication for all-day relaxation.


Nano CBD Hair & Beard Oil

 This is one of the more unique products on this list. CBD oil that can be absorbed into the hair shaft to relax, soften and condition hair without harsh, stripping chemicals. With coconut oil, jojoba oil and hempseed oil to soften and relax and peppermint, orange and tea tree to refresh, use only the most natural ingredients on your hair and in your beard.

Try: After a showering. Apply 5-7 drops to your hand and distribute evenly throughout.

Relax with CBD

Whether you are on prescription anxiety medication and want to find a more natural alternative, have occasional anxiety you want to begin treating or are seeking a solution for a friend you think could benefit, Singleseed has many high-quality CBD products for relaxation.

CBD for relaxation doesn’t have to conjure images of marijuana; it appeals to even non-smokers as a safe, effective and natural solution to anxiety and muscle tension without the psychoactive “high”. Try some of the above products for yourself or take a look at all of Singleseed’s CBD for relaxation, luxury products today.


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