There has been a lot of buzz surrounding CBD. While typically associated with humans, CBD for pets has recently swept the hemp world as well. Because animals have a similar endocannabinoid system inside their bodies, it stands to reason that CBD can have a similar effect that it does on human-beings. So is this solution effective or just a passing trend?

CBD in pets: Is it safe?  

Your furry (or maybe scaly) friend can’t communicate to you with words how they feel and what they need. So how can you know if CBD in pets is safe?

There is an almost identical endocannabinoid system in animals that there is in humans. This system works tirelessly to manage many functions in the body. There are naturally occurring cannabinoids receptors in the body so the introduction of CBD can only increase the effectiveness of this system.

What is a cannabinoid?

Commonly thought of as a marijuana product, cannabinoids receptors are also found in the brain and throughout the body and help the body to perform its best. Everything from monitoring and managing mood and appetite to enabling the body to shut off and get deep sleep are affected by the proper functioning of cannabinoid receptors.

These natural receptors can sometimes slow down or become interrupted for one reason or another. Other times the ailments present for other reasons but show positive responses to the introduction of additional cannabinoids, which effectively kick-start the body’s natural processes once again. In the event that this occurs, numerous ailments can present in both humans and animals including:
  • Irregular sleep patterns
  • Pain and inflammation
  • An underactive thyroid
  • Weak appetite and other gastrointestinal issues
  • Problems with circulation
  • Low blood pressure levels
  • Change in moods or mood swings
  • And more

Whether the effectiveness of your cannabinoid receptors has slowed for some reason or your ailments are presenting for holey different reasons, there is a more natural way to control your symptoms.

Because this system is naturally occurring and works with receptors and systems already in your body, it is not only extremely effective but perfectly safe.

Additionally, unlike other cannabinoids that produce a psychoactive effect (the reaction usually associated with hemp or marijuana products), CBD does not produce a psychoactive effect. If that is one of your concerns with giving your pet CBD, set that aside here and now.

Medical marijuana has been a favorable alternative to prescription drugs for many reasons. While prescription drugs are effective, they are costly and sometimes addictive and/or dangerous. Medical marijuana offers a more natural and, often, a more affordable option to prescription medications.

Because not everyone enjoys or wants to experience the psychoactive effect brought on by THC marijuana, here lies the benefit of a CBD containing marijuana product to you or your pet.

Other concerns for giving pets CBD could potentially be the fear of giving your pet an incorrect amount. Luckily, there are CBD products made especially for animals which are proportioned in reasonable, small doses – it is virtually impossible to administer too much.

How to give your pet CBD 

Once you’ve accepted that it is safe, the question to answer is “how to give your pet CBD?”

The easiest and most effective way to administer CBD to your pet is orally, through a CBD pet treat. Since you can’t verbally communicate with your animal, it can be hard to know exactly what the issue is. CBD treats cover a broad range of ailments and will spread safely throughout their body to solve whatever their discomfort or pain is.

Oral administration is also easier than other options, such as using a topical product or using a tincture dropper system.

How many times have you tried to corral your pet to give them medicine, remove their collar or anything else only to have them wiggle and run away from you? With Phyto-Bites Soft Chew dog treats, you’ll be able to give CBD in a convenient and tasty dose that will never be protested by your furry friend.

What animals don’t like to get treats? Give them a quick and easy dose of CBD without the hassle of a pill, shot or other forms of medication.


 Benefits of CBD for your pets

Much like the benefits of CBD for a human being, there are many benefits of giving CBD to your pet. CBD interacts throughout the body with multiple systems to ensure every function in the body is performing properly.

In both humans and pets, CBD helps to:

  • Reduce inflammation (which can help reduce pain)
  • Lower the severity of pain (which has shown to be particularly effective when recovering from an injury or managing chronic pain)
  • Calm nerves and reduce anxiety
  • Help adjust to altitude changes or major shifts in environment
  • Sleep better, including to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer
  • Maintain gastrointestinal problems and loss of appetite due to medication or an underactive thyroid condition
  • Maintain stable blood pressure

If your pet experiences symptoms of:

  • Anxiety or separation anxiety
  • Pain from a surgery or an injury
  • Inability to sleep through the night or when traveling
  • Pain as a result of old age
  • Or any kind of joint pain as a result of breeding…

…then CBD might be a good solution for your animal!

SingleSeed for your pet     

SingleSeed products for your pet are specifically designed to be safe, effective and delicious. Rather than investing time and money in seeing a veterinarian, opt for the more natural and affordable way to cure your pet’s minor ailments or anxiety.

The premier provider of CBD products, SingleSeed is your go-to distributor for potent, high-quality CBD items.

Ranging from beverages, protein powders, and tinctures to muscle salves, throat lozenges, and vaporizer products, there is nothing you can’t find on the SingleSeed website.

CBD can make a huge impact on your life, whether it is to be taken yourself or given to your pet. After all, your pet relies on you to make them comfortable and happy throughout their life; you never want your animal to be suffering. CBD for pets can make both your lives easier for a fraction of the price of other alternatives.


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