As CBD becomes more commonplace in the medical community, it is only natural that its use in the mental health community follows suit. CBD was first recognized as a non-prescription way to control severe epileptic seizures and help manage the side effects of cancer treatments such as nausea and loss of appetite. Today, with the legalization of industrial hemp production and legal medical and recreational marijuana in many U.S. states, CBD is more available than ever. How does this influence CBD for mental health? SingleSeed has all your answers.

CBD and Health  

Cannabidiol or CBD is part of the cannabis-sativa plant. While many associate all cannabis with THC and a psychoactive high, THC’s sister CBD has some notable differences.

THC and CBD are extremely similar in molecular structure. Each is made up of bonds of Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon with just a few molecules defining the difference between the two. Both are components of the cannabis plant and can be made into everything from topical salves and rubs to ingestible tinctures and sweets.

THC molecular structure :

THC and CBD are extremely similar in molecular structure. Each is made up of bonds of Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon with just a few molecules defining the difference between the two. Both are components of the cannabis plant and can be made into everything from topical salves and rubs to ingestible tinctures and sweets.

The major difference between cannabis that contains THC and cannabis that contains CBD is the effect on the brain and psyche. While THC induces a recognizable high that is even sometimes associated with paranoia, CBD does just the opposite.


CBD works with the body’s own cannabinoid systems, which is responsible for managing pain, cognitive processes, appetite, moods, sleep patterns, memory and much more. Because CBD works similarly to receptors that already exist in the body, known as CB1 and CB2 receptors, it is safe and effective.

CBD molecular structure:



Some of the benefits of CBD include helping the body regulate and manage pain, reducing inflammation, reducing gastrointestinal problems and regulating sleeping patterns. This can be beneficial for better health by helping the body get the rest and recovery it needs while reducing painful inflammation in joints and muscles.


Another important trait of CBD containing strains of cannabis is the ability to treat anxiety, stress, and depression.


CBD for Anxiety 

Anxiety is the single most common mental health illness in the United States, with 40 million adults suffering from anxiety each year. That is over 18% of the entire population. The cure for anxiety can differ depending on the person; some receive help from sources other than drugs such as meditation and therapy while others need a prescription to manage their symptoms. Today, others are turning to CBD for anxiety.

While research is still in the early stages regarding CBD and cannabis products for the treatment of anxiety, many people who have tried the alternative to drugs claim to have a noticeable decrease in symptoms.

Anxiety, defined by restlessness or excessive worrying and stress, can lead to problems performing professionally, enjoying social situations, achieving goals and much more. Anxiety can be as small as having slight social anxiety meeting new people to having crippling Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD that keeps one from leaving their home.

The treatments for anxiety are typically similar but can largely depend on the person and the severity of symptoms. No matter how severe the forms of anxiety, many have expressed CBD as helping their condition.

CBD for anxiety can work similarly to traditional THC-containing marijuana in that it encourages a sense of calm and relaxation. Unlike THC-containing cannabis, however, the lack of a psychoactive component makes the relaxation benefits feel much more prevalent.

Say goodbye to stress and anxiety with a daily dose of CBD. Try it in a vaporized form, add drops of your favorite tincture to your meal or take some with you in the form of a salve for whenever you get hit with a scary wave of anxiety on-the-go.

CBD for Depression

CBD for depression works in similar ways as it does to treat anxiety. Take CBD to feel more relaxed and, ultimately, calm. While this alone does not treat the symptoms of depression, it can help battle the nerves and insecurity that is often associated with depression sufferers.

Lack of sleep also exasperates the symptoms of depression. Anxiety and depression can weigh heavily on an individual’s ability to sleep well at night, which in turn tires the mind and causes more stress and depression. This endless cycle can feel like a never-ending nightmare for patients suffering from these mental health problems.

A rested mind is a healthy mind and the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mental health illnesses can be more effectively managed following a full and restful night’s sleep.

Try supplements or a topical serum that can be applied with a convenient roller ball applicator on pulse points just before bed to get a full night’s sleep to best manage your depression the following day.

Because CBD also interacts with the brain to influence moods, it can be beneficial in treating depression that way.

Mental Health and CBD

Mental health and CBD can make the perfect pair. While prescribed medications work for some, others find them too expensive, don’t like the way they feel when taking them, or suffer from side effects. Others even find prescription medications addictive which can be potentially dangerous.

Mental health cannot be ignored, however. If you do not enjoy taking a prescription medication, there are other ways you can seek help, including from CBD.

CBD is not addictive, natural and safe to take every single day. The cannabis product is extremely versatile and can be ingested a number of ways. Whether you are looking to manage symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, varying forms of anxiety, depression or other mental health illnesses, CBD can help manage symptoms of these conditions.

CBD can help your mental health by affecting your moods, sleep patterns, ability to relax and your body’s natural healing processes. Take CBD for mental health and notice a difference in your body, mind, and spirit!

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