Nothing sparks a fire inside a parent like an accusation of bad parenting.  Everyone thinks their way is the right way.  We hear all about them: Tiger moms vs. helicopter parents, public vs. private education, etc. etc.  Parents and caregivers are responsible for making the decisions the children are too young to make for themselves.  This includes healthcare.  As more families are becoming famous for the bold rejections of traditional medicine for their tots, society is drawing lines in the sand.  Even the most progressive families are weary of administering cannabidiol or CBD to children.  However, in some extreme cases, even doctors see CBD as the last and final resort.  Particularly for chronic, life threatening conditions.

cbd for children.
Charolette, the young epileptic girl and her mother, brought national attention the pediatric CBD.

CBD for Children – Parents speak out

One of the first, and still most famous cases of parents seeking out CBD for their children comes from Colorado and a then 3 month old girl, Charolette.  Charolette was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, one of the most difficult to treat forms of epilepsy.  After years of inadequate treatments, the parents went to a cannabis grower so specifically breed a strain of high CBD cannabis.  This proprietary strain, after maturation and extraction, was given to the girl.  After which she saw a <90% seizure reduction.  Following this success another Charolette, this time a mother Charolette Caldwell, sought CBD for her epileptic son, Billy.  After years of up to 100 seizures a day, upon administration of the high concentration CBD oil (which came from a recommendation of a California doctor) Billy went almost an entire year without a single seizure.

These success stories are spurring other parents across the globe to speak out and seek support from their colleagues.  Online forums and groups are springing up so that these families have a place to congregate and share their experiences.

cbd for children
Certain families seek out and even cultivate cannabis CBD. This is an unnecessary hoop to jump through. Industrial hemp CBD is just as effective, without the stringent regulations.

CBD for Children – Exploring the research

Surprisingly, there is a fair amount of research specifically regarding CBD and pediatrics.  Furthermore, the American Association of Pediatrics even petitioned the DEA to reschedule cannabis from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2.  Doing so would facilitate research into CBD for pediatric therapeutic uses.  The most prominent focus of pediatric CBD centers around cannabidiol’s ability to treat and even cease seizures in patients who have been treatment resistant thus far.  This particular efficacy is recognized by the World Health Organization as well.  CBD is proving so promising in the field of epilepsy treatment that the FDA is in support of 100% CBD drug Epidiolex, currently in Phase 3 testing.

No matter what side you choose, there will likely be some backlash.  If you are a parent watching your child suffer, talk to your child’s doctor.  After that, talk to at least one or two more.  This topic has the medical and parenting community at odds with each other.  Be ready to defend your standpoint and be weary of the ramifications it means with global travel.  Some families are finding out the hard way.  While some parts of the world see the benefit of CBD for our most vulnerable and suffering, their is still a huge chunk of the developed world that do not agree about CBD.

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