One of the most talked about products in today’s health and fitness industry is CBD. CBD – cannabidiol’s nickname – is a cannabinoid that comes from the marijuana plant and has amazing benefits to physical well-being, mental health, strength, stamina and more. To truly excel in your health and fitness journey, CBD can help you achieve your goals in a very real way. Taking CBD for better health has never been easier or more beneficial to your body’s needs.

New to CBD? Here’s a quick guide to the history, use, and products associated with CBD:

History of CBD

Cannabis, in various forms, has been used for thousands of years, with some uses dating back to 500 BC.

Cannabidiol itself was first discovered in 1940 along with 113 other cannabinoids also identified at that time. Classified as a cannabinoid rather than a drug, this marijuana product varies slightly from its cousin THC. While extremely similar in molecular structure, THC contains a psychoactive component while CBD does not.

Like THC, CBD is derived from the cannabis plant and can be ingested a number of ways. The most widely-recognized is through inhalation but ingestion through foods or beverages, topical creams and ointments, and even personal lubricants are just as effective.

Since the 1940s, cannabis products, and CBD, in particular, have come a long way in terms of legalization and product creativity. Today, CBD is largely recognized as a medicinal drug rather than a recreational one, offering healing benefits to users and an alternative to prescription medications. While THC-containing medical marijuana is legal in many states, CBD provides similar, if not equal, medicinal benefits to users without the psychoactive, ‘high’ component.

Today, you can find legal CBD in most states. CBD is in a wide variety of products. Last year, the 2019 Farm Bill was signed into law. The bill aids many aspects of our food production system including providing subsidies to farmers and, most importantly for the cannabis industry, legalizing the industrial production of hemp.

Now, although synonymous with one-another, hemp and marijuana are not exactly the same thing. The easiest distinction between the two is that hemp is categorized as containing LESS than 0.3% THC while marijuana contains MORE than 0.3% THC. Essentially, they are created from similar – sometimes even the same – plant but are defined by their ability to induce a psychoactive effect on the user.

Rather than get you high, hemp is typically used for industrial materials such as rope, construction materials, paper, clothing and more. Hemp can also be used to create medicinal CBD products which will not make the user high.

CBD for Health

If you’re looking for another way to improve your overall health, body, and mind than CBD might be the missing ingredient you want to consider. CBD for health is more than just a passing fad. From 500 BC to today, significant improvements have been made but the miracle of CBD still rings true.


Anti-Inflammatory Properties  

One of CBD’s most well-loved qualities is its ability to reduce inflammation within the body. Inflammation is the body’s reaction to stress, helping to prevent injury, infection or illness by rushing white blood cells to the affected area. CBD helps to combat this sometimes painful inflammation and reduce discomfort.

This anti-inflammatory quality is beneficial for athletes or active people by aiding in the post-workout recovery process. Post-workout is when inflammation flares and muscles and joints start to ache. Rather than waste a day recovering, CBD can help heal sore body parts heal faster and get you back to your normal routine on schedule.

The best CBD anti-inflammatory products come in the forms of topical creams or rubs that can be applied directly to the inflamed muscle or joint. SingleSeed’s favorites are Mend Cooling CBD Pain Cream and any TorusMed Extra Strength Topical Cream. For best results, TorusMed is an odorless, non-greasy formula that is best for on-the-go while Mend Cooling cream is good for at-home, deep-tissue pain relief.

Anti-Anxiety Properties

Rather than categorize health and fitness as a body-only concept, it is important to recognize mental health as part of the equation as well. When you don’t feel great, you aren’t motivated to get active or treat your body well.

CBD has been used as a non-prescription anti-anxiety medicine for years now, helping anxious and overactive minds feel more relaxed. It is great for both daily use and before bed to help you get to sleep fast and have a full, restful night’s sleep. With the alternative anti-anxiety prescriptions being costly, potentially addictive and dangerous when abused for recreational use, CBD is an easy choice.

The best anti-anxiety products are generally topical serums, edible products or tinctures which can be added to nearly anything or even taken pure, on their own. SingleSeed’s favorites include CBD gummies, SingleSeed brand Full Spectrum Tincture, and RelaxCBD Serum.

Anti-Dehydration Properties

While not technically a benefit of CBD itself, one of the most important aspects of being physically fit is proper hydration.

CBD infused water, touting a balanced pH and natural minerals and vitamins, is one of the newest and most exciting CBD products for health and fitness buffs. You need water anyways; why not add CBD into your daily intake and receive maximum benefits from CBD as well as your daily hydration?


SingleSeed loves Lalpina CBD water which utilizes hydro and nanotechnologies to maximize the bioavailability of the water and the CBD in the water.  Your tissues and cells get every once of hydrating CBD that they need to perform their best!


Your Health and CBD

It is impossible to categorize health and fitness as just one single thing. It means something so different to everyone so finding your perfect balance of activity, diet, mental health practices and more is essential to your personal well-being. Creating a balance between your health and CBD can make a difference between good health and great health.

If you feel a missing link between your ideal, perfect health and where you are now, add CBD into your routine. You might just find the secret ingredient you’ve been waiting for! CBD for better health is the mindset everyone is adopting – are you next?

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