Does CBD Get You High?

One of the most searched questions on the internet right now: “Does CBD get you high?” is on everyone’s mind.  Answer: No.  Despite the resounding “NO” published widely, reticence persists.  Understandable, as the male and female cannabis plants look almost identical: it’s hard to conceive how stark their contrasts are.  Yet, their inherent chemical composition; particularly the concentration of specific few of the over […]


Cannabis is an amazing plant.  Between the male and female forms, over 400 phytocompounds exist. With each setting sun, new light shines on research that is making leaps bounds towards better understanding the activity of certain organic compounds.  A few of these organic compounds are now more famous than others.  The most famous being Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.  Increasing […]

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