Hemp for Victory (1942) – Full Original PSA

Hemp for Victory – WWII War Time Efforts by US Dept. of Agriculture One of the greatest moments before the federalization of industrial hemp growing in 2014, was during WWII wartimes. With rope and rope supplies for the US navy dwindling, the U.S. Department of Agriculture began actively promoting growing hemp via the “Hemp for […]

Why Try CBD? A few CBD facts

CBD Facts

Despite literally millions of articles flooding the internet and over half a century of research, many potential users remain skeptical about cannabidiol, or CBD.  Understandably so, for after a lifetime of prohibition and propaganda against all things cannabis, the indoctrination is well ingrained.  Nowadays, skeptics can relax a bit; since 2014 the United States has […]

Is CBD Right for Me? CBD Benefits

CBD Benefits

It’s easy to get carried away when new products and ideas hit the market.  Everyone is quick to jump on the bandwagon and many do so without any forethought.  With all the recent success stories around a special, non-psychoactive compound found within the cannabis plant, everyone is wondering about CBD benefits to our bodies and […]

CBD for Obesity – Comparing Research

CBD for Obesity

Cannabis to make you skinny?  CBD for obesity?  Preposterous!  Everyone knows weed gives you the munchies.  Doesn’t it?  How could anyone dare conject that a cannabis compound actually helps people lose weight.  How could something known for out of control appetite actually serve to curb that same desire to chow down?  However, as soon as […]

How Does CBD Work? – Some Basic Pharmacology

Although many a fan touts the miracles of CBD, cannabidiol, many more are asking “How does CBD work?”  The molecule in action has some basic pharmacology.  Pharmacology, of course, being the study of how drugs interact with the body.  Research into the organic compounds within the cannabis plant began in the 1940’s. Scientists and researchers […]

CBD Oil for Anxiety – Comparing Research

We see the headlines, we hear from our buddies, we see the blog posts.   Yet, how can we know for sure if CBD oil for anxiety isn’t just hearsay?  Luckily, research as far back as 1982 set out to study the possible anxiety mediating effects cannabidiol (CBD) can possibly provide.  After combing  databases and examining […]

Where Is CBD Legal?

Is CBD Legal?  Federally, yes. Due to the passage of the Hemp Farm Bill in 2014, industrial hemp farming is once again legal in the US. However, not all states have amended their constitutions to exclude industrial hemp from their schedules.  Great.  Where is CBD legal according to the states?   Between recreational cannabis, medical cannabis, and CBD […]

How is CBD Oil is Made?

We live in a health conscious world.  No doubt about it.  The vitamin supplement market alone is worth over $50 billion with growth conjectures quintupling that figure.  A growing chunk of that is stemming  from industrial hemp derived CBD oil (pun intended).  However, the title “Hemp” can be frightening to many who wish to avoid […]

What is CBD?

No longer the shy sister to uber famous THC (Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol to be specific) – cannabidiol, more popularly known as CBD is making waves in the health world.  However, for the potential user unfamiliar with the cannabis and hemp landscape, there can be a veil of uncertainty surrounding CBD and what it does.  Fortunately, because […]

CBD Gummies – Now Available Online

CBD products are increasing in popularity every day.  For many, it’s as easy as walking to the corner store to pick up a tasty, therapeutic treat.  However, others might not have the same urban accessibility.  Thankfully, CBD products are hemp based.  Since the active compounds in CBD products are parts of the psychoactively inert male […]

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