CBG, CBC, CBN: Oh my! – A look at the full spectrum

full spectrum

With so much global focus and attention on CBD, it’s easy to forget that cannabidiol (CBD)  is just one of dozens of cannabinoids.  In fact, to date, there are over 80 known cannabinoids naturally occurring cannabis.  Some of these molecules have their own healthful properties, while others act in similar fashions to cannabidiol.  Regardless, when […]

FDA Approves CBD Drug for First Time Ever

fda approves cbd

This is history in the making.  For the first time ever, the Federal Drug Administration approved a drug featuring an active component from cannabis.  Epidiolex, which has been in Stage 3 testing since 2015, is now approved as a prescription treatment for two rare and lethal forms of epilepsy: Dravet’s and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome.  Finally, the […]

Botany of the Hemp Plant – A Brief History and Anatomy

hemp botany

“One in ten plant species contains anticancer substances of variable potency, but relatively few have been bioassayed.” -Edward O. Wilson It is easy to take plants for granted.  They are quiet and unassuming.  Most of the time, we acknowledge them for their air purifying properties.  Other plants have deities whose sole devotion is to the […]

Cannabis vs. Hemp CBD – Is there a difference?

It’s only been 4 years of federal permission to grow hemp within America’s bounds.  Since then, the market demand for hemp products seems to be growing at exponential rates.  No product is in such high demand as CBD, cannabidiol, present in the leaves and stalks of industrial hemp.  CBD is becoming increasingly famous for its therapeutic […]

CBD for Children – The controversy rattling the parenting community

Nothing sparks a fire inside a parent like an accusation of bad parenting.  Everyone thinks their way is the right way.  We hear all about them: Tiger moms vs. helicopter parents, public vs. private education, etc. etc.  Parents and caregivers are responsible for making the decisions the children are too young to make for themselves.  […]

UK Minister Seizes CBD from 12 Year Old Epileptic Billy Caldwell at Heathrow Airport

Not everyone is apropos to accept CBD into their society.  Case in point, the ongoing battle one Irish family has had with their epileptic son and CBD.  Billy Caldwell became famous when his mother, out of options, tried something risky.  Deciding to leave their home country of Ireland and traveling to North America, the mother […]

6 CBD Facts You Need to Know Now

Despite the onslaught of information regarding the rapidly growing industry, there is still much trepidation surrounding the truths of CBD.  Fortunately, clarification on some key CBD facts is just a click away.  Here are the most common questions about cannabidiol (CBD) and the research supporting them. CBD Facts – CBD is found in hemp plants […]

CBD for Workout Recovery – Investigating Research

Most of the news surrounding CBD regards its healing properties for the sick.  However, CBD is also becoming increasingly popular in active lifestyle circles.  Nowadays, we are seeing health conscious individuals using CBD for workout recovery.  The reason?  Recent research is showing cannabidiol (CBD) has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.  Not only that, but CBD […]

Terpene Talk – Understanding the “smell”ement

Forgive the portmanteau, but the smell elements of cannabis plants and their products are too good to not play around with.  The truth is, terpenes are all around us.  Not just in cannabis plants, but also in the natural world.  Coniferous plants, citrus trees, mangos – even butterflies all generate them.  Many different varieties exist […]

CBD Spa Treatments – A new wave in health and beauty

cbd massage

CBD is going mainstream, with 46 out of 50 states and the World Health Organization all on board.  With such widespread adoption by state legislatures and approval from such prominent global organizations, it’s no wonder the applications are becoming increasingly creative.  Some of the newest, with gaining popularity, are CBD beauty and CBD spa treatments.  […]

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