Top CBD Products For You

CBD has burst onto the medical scene in a very real way. For centuries, medical marijuana has proven its ability to relieve the symptoms of serious illnesses and conditions. Also used in religious ceremonies, medical marijuana is not a new development but an ancient tradition. Today’s CBD looks a little different, with sexier packaging and […]

Is CBD Legal? Let’s get to the bottom of it

As marijuana becomes more prevalent, for both recreational and medicinal use, across the United States, the conversation of legality is also raised. In that space, the question of CBD legality proves a bit tricky; since CBD does not produce a psychoactive effect, what’s the harm? Is CBD legal? We’re here to break it down for […]

Legal Hemp? Now What? Looking At The Latest Farm Bill

Legal Hemp? Now What? Looking At The Latest Farm Bill   As of December 2018, hemp is now legal across the United States! What does that mean, how will that impact you and how significant is this most recent Farm Bill? We’ve examined the details and put together a guide to legal hemp. Here’s what […]

CBD for Workout

The latest fitness craze you shouldn’t miss out on may not be what you expect… Even if you’re not a user yourself, chances are you’re familiar with cannabis. Whether for relaxation, for medical use or just to have fun, the cannabis craze has become increasingly prevalent throughout the United States and beyond. What you may not […]

What Is CBD? : A Beginner’s Guide  

What Is CBD? : A Beginner’s Guide   With the recent boom in the legal recreational marijuana market, users are now, more than ever, beginning to explore their options and become informed about what they are ingesting. If you are one of those consumers looking to learn more, we’re here to help answer questions like […]

July CBD News

Arkansas July CBD News – CBD gummies for sale at gas stations (CBS 11 Little Rock) – Across Arkansas, CBD infused products are now popping up at gas stations.  Despite public delight, some have concerns about the loose regulations surrounding CBD products.  Their fears are fake CBD products may be available, albeit inadvertently, alongside the […]

CBD for Pets – Understanding the craze

We love our pets.  Some people forego traditional family expansion for raising “fur babies” instead.  Raising pets like they are members of our families means we go the extra mile for them.  Especially when it comes time to address their health problems.  Unfortunately, most pet owners must watch as their companions languish at the end […]

World Anit-Doping Agency aka WADA Gives Green Light to CBD

WADA.  Wadayoumean?  For most, the somewhat silly sounding acronym will have little presence in their life.  Save for the extreme sports enthusiast or the professional athlete.  The World Anti-Doping Agency, or WADA, has been around for almost 20 years.  This international body aims to keep the playing field level and professional athletes off drugs.  This […]

Pre-workout CBD – Your new gym bag secret weapon

It’s not uncommon to hear and read headlines about cannabidiol, or CBD, and its at times seemingly miraculous healing properties.  Even our most vulnerable like young children with a deadly form of epilepsy are making history as CBD helps them.  However, not all users of CBD are the terminally ill.  Many are healthy, wellness conscious […]

CBD Shopping Guide – Choosing the best product for your concern

The world of CBD products is a vast one, and rapidly increasing to boot.  For both existing  users and curious consumers alike the choices can be overwhelming.  Not to mention certain CBD applications are better for specific ailments than others.  A better understanding of the most popular forms and vessels for CBD administration will help […]

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